Why you don’t do, what you could do

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Most self-help gurus and Fitness know it all’s  put their time, effort, and resources into “widening the gap” between what you are doing and what you think you should be doing by introducing ideas about how you should be living a healthy lifestyle.

The obvious gap is the space between the “you are here” sticker on the map and your desired destination. This gap presents a problem that we have a difficult time solving because we are generally vague about where we actually want to be and are clueless about our current location. As if navigating without a clear starting and ending point isn’t hard enough, there is another, less obvious and far more insidious gap my good friend Nic Peterson Calls:

The Intention – Intervention Gap

The intention – intervention gap is the gap between your personal theories and your personal behavior. It represents the discrepancy in:

What you say you will do and what you actually do

What you say that you want and what you actually want 

Your action plan and your actual behavior 

Most coaches, consultants, and programs are focused on giving you better-espoused values (things that you think you should do) which presents a problem because if the “what I should do” or “what I say I’m going to do” moves and behavior doesn’t move with it, the gap widens. 

Every time we plan on exercising five days a week but only make it three times, there’s a gap. If we only make it two, there is a larger gap. 

Every time we recite “The Good Samaritan”  and then treat strangers, especially ones less fortunate than ourselves, poorly there’s a gap.

This gap is the source of almost all of our dissonance, anxiety and feeling of powerlessness. Big bold letters, that I am not an expert or a guru, but I am a student.

Although I’ve never claimed to have figured it all out, I believe that I’ve cracked the intention-intervention (the gap between what you intend to do and what you actually do) code and I’m going to share 

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