Own Your Metabol*sm book cover.

Own Your Metabol*sm

There are a lot of myths and a ton of misinformation out there about metabolism. Go to Google and do a basic search and literally millions of articles come up. Information overload is a thing, and when it comes to researching metabolism, it can be overwhelming as fuck. Until now…

IFBBpro Athlete and Health and Nutrition Coach, Jenn Carrasco, has taken her 21 years of experience and education and put it all in this easy-to-follow book.

In Own Your Metabol*sm, she shines a light on the truth behind all the information out there, and shares easy-to-follow methods that will have you feeling better, losing weight, and finally living your very best life.

Her methods aren’t just theories. Everything contained in these pages is the processes and habits she uses in her daily life to stay healthy and strong. These are tried and true methods proven over years, and with thousands of clients worldwide.

No more excuses, it’s time to Own Your Metabol*sm.

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