Jenn Carrasco

Own Your Hustle


Who can benefit from this program?

Anyone looking to scale and grow their business. All entrepreneurs are welcome who need to establish a solid foundation, and implement structures and systems into their company.

What does the program cover?

This program is going to lay out a solid foundation for you and your company. All of your SOPs, KPIs, accountability chart, etc. Just like a home needs a blueprint to grow so does your company. Think of this program like your “Blueprint of business.” It will have you, your employees and your company running like a well oiled machine.

Program Overview

Own Your Team

Build your accountability chart, make sure you have the right people in the right seats.

Own Your Focus

Fine-tune your Core Values, zero in your business focus, create a business vision, develop a marketing strategy, define your process and guarantee.

Own Your Vision

Define your endgame, create a ten-year target, develop a three and one-year action plan.

Own The Quarter

Set quarterly goals, identify your company rocks, organize weekly action items, develop your issues list and to-do’s, finalize your KPIs and measurables, begin holding your weekly accountability meeting.

Own Your Process

Create your processes and SOPs.