Jenn Carrasco

Own Your Metabolism


Who can benefit from this program?

Anyone who wants to get healthy and learn how their body and metabolism works.

What does the program cover?

This program is going to weed out all of the myths and BS everyone has told you about your metabolism. This 6-week course will allow you to get the answers you need to get your metabolism working for you again. Straight to the point with no BS!

Program Overview


Manifest the new you and learn how to start breaking the cycle of stress and weight gain.


Learn how to stop body shaming, eat intuitively, manage your protein, and uncover the real story about carbs.


Learn how to stown your metabolism by understanding how insulin and glucagon work, and intermittent fasting.


Get started on the Own Your Shit meal and exercise plan.


Discover how to get started with supplements, learn more about collagen and bone broth.


Learn just how important sleep is to your health and fitness results. Make a plan for getting better sleep.