Hi, I’m Jenn.

Hi, I’m Jenn.

From bankruptcy to 9-figures.

As a single mother at the age of 21, I bought my first business. I had no idea what I was doing, but the one thing I did know was how to work hard, be dedicated to my goals and have the drive & desire to keep going.

Even with all that dedication & passion, I didn’t have the tools to implement & maintain a successful, long standing business.

In 2008 I found myself losing everything and filing bankruptcy. After that colossal setback I had to pick up the pieces and rebuild my company from the ground up. It was not easy, but from my failures and pain came lessons & triumphs, and I am now sitting with a very successful medical skincare clinic for over 22 years.

After launching my third business I knew I didn’t want history repeating itself, so I hired a Professional EOS implementer (entrepreneurial operating system).

He helped us apply the tools and procedures we needed that allowed our company to go from three team members to over sixty successfully. This implementation has allowed my company to run without me, on auto-pilot- virtually hands free. More successful than I ever thought possible!

That is when I knew I wanted to help business owners just like me who may be struggling with no direction and uncertainty of where their business is headed.

Throughout this experience I found myself answering all the questions that I didn’t know when I first started my entrepreneurial journey.

I began mentoring executives, and I realized in that moment I wanted to become a professional EOS worldwide so I could acquire the tools & knowledge needed to help business owners thrive and succeed just like I did!

But the reason I tell this story as “my story,” is because you have to trust yourself inside. You’re going to make life choices that aren’t right, based on everybody else, rather than listening to yourself.

Through this whole mess of experiences, I have come to learn valuable lessons and truths that I spread to those whom I help everyday. I have been at the bottom and I have been at the top. But none of it matters unless you know who you are inside, and what you deserve for yourself.

successful female entrepreneur in California - Jenn Carrasco

I know if you are anything like me, you have thought of giving up and giving in, but you know the truth is in that voice that tells you, you were meant for more in this world.

You have what it takes; I can help you achieve it.

Your vision, your dream, your refusal to give up, your refusal to comprise.

I welcome you to non-bullshit, straight to the point, grab your big dreams, make shit happen, do not settle life venture with Jenn Carrasco.

I created my life by my passions, and so can you. There are no stipulations and guidelines. You are your creator. You are manifested.

With my knowledge, I will make sure we are an accurate fit to work together. I will help you to identify your goals, personal, professional, physical.

We will create a plan. And execute.

You are going to have to do the work. Most importantly, the inner work. To step into the next level, you must realize your worth and who you are intended to be.


I am committed, and I refuse to have you live in comfortability.

Success is not just about changing daily habits; it is about changing your mindset.

Building on every aspect of your life. The only way to have growth, maintain, and sustain wealth, profitable business, and a strong mindset in any industry is to make sure all other aspects of your life are in order. This includes your body, mindset, and family dynamic to go along with your business’s growth.

There are four critical components of your business that I focus on and train on. Each is crucial to the long-term success of you, your health, and your business. Health, mindset, systems, leadership.

The only limit is the one between your ears.

No fluff, no rainbows, no sparkly shit, straight to the point no BS.

Own your own shit.

I am here to help you, help you!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Let me help you, help you, create a new awareness for where you are blocking up your path.

Yes, that means assuming responsibility for the energy that you are putting out into the world.

As well as everything that is working and not working to your liking in your current reality.

Trust that anything you are dealing with and struggling with within your life is your perfect teacher.

Working together will allow me to show you how.

I can’t wait to begin this journey with you!


successful female entrepreneur in California - jenn carrasco