Elevating Your Leadership with Trust

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Elevating Your Leadership with Trust

True leadership takes trust. Join Stacy for an EPIC conversation with Mindset, Fitness, Nutrition & Life Mentor for the Elite, Jenn Carrasco. From Pro Figure Competitor to Skin Care, Jenn is a serial entrepreneur who understands the importance of trusting yourself and building trust in your team.

In this episode, Stacy and Jenn get real and open up about how life experiences have been a huge part of their journey into trusting decisions that they’ve had to make. Get ready for some juicy details on how to look at your life in order to grow is all aspects with confidence.


The journey to success and happiness begins with a single step. Who are you destined to be? What do you want to achieve? Like you, I once was lost, burnt out, and unhappy. I decided I needed a change. Now, through hard work and dedication, I have found myself at the top of my game. You are worthy of a successful business, of a clear mind, and of a healthy body. You just may need someone to help you get there. Let me be your guide to truly owning your shit.

Xo, Jenn